My research focus is on the Political Economy of the Media, US involvement in the Middle East and Asia and Globalisation of Communications.

Essays Include:

American Media Elite in the “War on Terror”: Was the Media an “oil-deal” tool for the Bush administration.

Voice of America and United States’ Public Diplomacy: The Cold War, technology and the post 9/11 Muslim World.

Case Study: United States Foreign Policy Failure in Afghanistan – implications of the poppy trade for the Afghanistan’s development.

Post-Gaddafi Libya: Implications for the Nation, United States Foreign Policy and “Responsibility to protect” after intervention.

Case Study: The Congo Conflict: News values and National Interest.

Case Study: Propaganda and the 1990 Gulf War: Television and the media.

Facebook and the Arab Uprisings: Tunisia and Libya.

The Media: Propaganda and Agenda setting in the Northern Ireland conflict.