According to US Intelligence Russia seeks to dismantle Taliban-US peace deal with covert assassination support.

US intelligence officials had evidence of Russian collusion with such forces earlier this year.

John Bolton’s new book claims Trump requested China to help win re-election.

According to the the Commissioner of the federal election commission Ellen Weintraub "it is absolutely illegal for anyone to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with any election in the United States.”

3 things you didn’t know about the Afghan civil war 1992-1998.

This article will highlight three interesting facts about the period between Soviet back President Najibullah's ousting in 1992 and the Taliban winning power in 1996 after a series of internal conflicts between different factions looking for power.

Who I am and why I’m here

The United States has always been fascinating to me. After visiting a few times in my childhood and teens I found it to be an amazing place. I moved to Washington DC for twelve months in 2015 to really experience what life is like as an American.

Trump’s COVID19 threat to the global population.

The CIA has stated that hydroxychloroquine is dangerous - so potentially dangerous that side effects include sudden death. One may ask why the President of the world’s most powerful nation is pushing it into the public domain with such little evidence?

Fear Mongering Fox News and the NEW WAY FORWARD ACT.

Fox News has historically been at the heart of right wing propaganda, disseminating  misinformation and cheerleading for conservative policies and Presidents. President Trump and his alignment with far right figures and verbal support of highly radical groups has rejuvenated racism and anti immigration champions around the US and even Europe.  As expected, Fox News has … Continue reading Fear Mongering Fox News and the NEW WAY FORWARD ACT.

Dodge, Distract and Anger: Dealing with Trump supporters.

I am writing this article, to explain my experience of dealing with Trump supporters and their tactics, consciously or subconsciously, avoiding, dodging or simply getting angry when asked very basic questions regarding the US president. In my opinion many people are afraid to come out as Trump supporters. Trump and his administration are clearly a … Continue reading Dodge, Distract and Anger: Dealing with Trump supporters.