Kabul University death toll rises to 35.

KILDARE (JamesFaheyIRE) ISIS have claimed responsibility for killing at least 35 students and injuring 50 in a Kabul University attack on Monday.

The attack which lasted for five hours happened while the university was holding a book fair on campus. Afghan security personnel were able to subdue the three gunmen who carried out the attacks.

In recent weeks there have been a surge in attacks across the country with this latest attack bringing the government to hold a national day of mourning across the country with flags flying at half mast.

The Taliban who have consistently attacked government posts and civilians denied any accountability on Mondays assault. First Vice President Amrullah Saleh has asserted Taliban involvement. There have been no evidence provided as of yet. Members of the Taliban have in blamed “evil elements” of the current administration who have “sought refuge” in the government, asserting that they harbour and support such extremist attacks.

According to reports the walls of the classroom where the attack took place had writing stating “Long live the Emirate. Time for martyrdom.” Educations centres have consistently been chosen for assaults by extremists of late. Another suicide bombing by ISIS on October 24th killed 24 civilians including students under the age of eighteen.

US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted “This barbaric attack is NOT an opportunity for the government and the Taliban to score points against each other. There is a common enemy here.”

The constant spikes in conflict has threatened ongoing negotiations to end the presence of American troops and conflict in the country which has been at war for more than forty years.

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