Roadside bomb claims the lives of at least nine civilians in Ghanzi City.

KILDARE (JamesFaheyIRE) At least nine civilians have been killed by a roadside bomb in Ghazni city as the Taliban and Government forces’ skirmishes continues to threaten peace deal.

The bombing which occurred before midday on October 24th claimed the lives of both women and children and injured at least 3 other people. According to reports a bomb exploded on a Toyota Van in the Roza area of ​​the provincial capital.

In recent weeks there has been an increase in conflict across the country. On October 21st Taliban ambushed ANF soldiers overnight in the northern province of Takhar, claiming the lives of at least 34 soldiers including the deputy police chief of the province.

Additionally, in the past 28 days, the Taliban has dramatically increased its attacks killing and wounding at least 555 people and carrying out 1,161 different offensives displacing as many as 35,000 civilians.

An airstrike on an Islamic school by the Afghan Government killed 12 children in Takhar on 22nd October, however officials state all victims were Taliban members.

Omar Waraich, Head of South Asia at Amnesty International stated “The world must sit up and take notice. Afghan civilians are being slaughtered on a daily basis” adding that “the international community must make the protection of civilians a core demand for their ongoing support of the peace process.”

For the last month Taliban and Government Officials have been meeting in Qatar in a bid to end the decades-old conflict whereby a permanent cease-fire and political agreement is reached among all Afghan parties and the Taliban. This negotiation comes from a previous diplomacy effort conducted by the American officials and the Taliban from February of this year.

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