According to US Intelligence Russia seeks to dismantle Taliban-US peace deal with covert assassination support.

KILDARE (JamesFaheyIre) According to US intelligence reports, Russia has been covertly funding Taliban linked forces to attack and kill American troops in Afghanistan to destabilise the ongoing peace talks.

It is believed that bounties were offered to militants who in exchange would target American soldiers. The New York Times reported that US intelligence officials had evidence of Russian collusion with such forces earlier this year. Similar attacks in Europe targeting Russian renegades as well as trying to force the breakdown of US-Taliban peace talks were cited as reasons for such actions.

Peace talks between US and Taliban officials over the past number of months have been inconsistent. However, on February 29th 2020 a breakthrough deal was brokered between Taliban and US officials to end the war within 14 months. However, some are not so positive about the deal. Shaharzad Akbar, the chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission stated:

“Like many Afghans, I have mixed feelings. The general secrecy around the deal, the lack of presence of non-Taliban Afghans in the process, the fact that the US-Taliban talks seemed to marginalise other Afghan voices, all have made me anxious.”

According to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) commander General Kenneth McKenzie the US is still unconvinced that the Afghan Taliban leadership can be trusted to be “faithful partners” if a peace deal is to be reached. The Afghan Taliban has long been supported from Pakistan where the movement originated in religious schools or madrasas, which the US also has a strained relationship with.

The Trump administration has yet to comment on the allegations. Trump has recently been concluding plans to remove 4,000 troops from Afghanistan as the 2020 presidential election draws nearer a peace deal would prove useful in a re-election campaign.

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Four decades ago, the Soviet Union launched a secret mission to assassinate the Afghan president and seize control of Kabul. The assault on December 27, 1979, was the bloody opening act to the Soviet-Afghan War that would set the country on a course for decades of conflict.

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