My name is James Fahey and I am an aspiring journalist.

This website was created to develop content which conducts an analysis of political events, leaders and policies from a left-leaning point of view. The website also focuses on the Middle East and Asia – especially the role which the United States plays. 

The United States has always been fascinating to me. After visiting a few times in my childhood and teens I found it to be an amazing place. I moved to Washington DC for twelve months in 2015 to really experience what life is like as an American. The people were very friendly and I found the culture to be different from Ireland. 

The blog itself however is more geared at looking at Government policy. After learning about the American government and its functions, especially after 9/11, America’s foreign policy quickly became a great interest of mine. Subsequent research and studies have led me to be both analytical and critical of American policy. 

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