The Unfortunate Power of a Sarcastic President.

Promoting the ingestion of bleach for protection from COVID 19 is no joke and should not be treated as one, especially by the President of the most powerful country.

KILDARE (JamesFaheyIre) As COVID19 continues to take its toll all around the world, vulnerable people are consuming bleach products to seek immunity or to fight off the dreaded virus. Donald Trump has bizarrely suggested that bleach:

“knocks (the virus) out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs.” 

New York City’s Poison Centre Control has already seen the impact of Trump suggesting such actions. A “higher than normal” amount of phone calls were made to the centre post-Trump’s video which has since gone viral. Trump’s ‘sarcasm’ as he later described his comments as, show the further reasons why he should be avoided at all costs in Novembers election. Previously I have argued why Trump is unfit to continue his role. His consistency to shock the world by suggesting bleach could be a cure to the virus supports my thesis. 

Unproven Scientific Claims.

Donald Trump was hailed for speaking his mind while running for the president in 2016 and indeed since holding office. Many commentators described him as a “breath of fresh air” who would certainly ‘drain the swamp’ on Capitol Hill. While Trump has influenced the political environment in recent years with his off the cuff remarks and very often outlandish rhetoric his words are now directly impacting on the health of the most vulnerable people in American society. 

Pushing Hydroxychloroquine as well as bleach to fight the COVID19 virus is dangerous and highlights his ignorant and arrogant personality. As of now, there is no scientific evidence that Hydroxychloroquine is useful against the virus. As for bleach? Many producers were quick too correct that bleach is not designed for human consumption stating “We must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body.”

Additionally, a report by the Guardian as highlighted Trump was solicited by Mark Grenon, a self-titled “arch-bishop” of Genesis II – a company in the US who produces bleach but advertises itself as a church. The company market’s its product as a miracle cure of anything from Malaria to Autism. It is highly worrying that the world’s most powerful leader went on public record promoting unproven cures such as bleach and Hydroxychloroquine after receiving a letter in the mail from a business running under the description of church.

While Trump continues to tout unproven cures to global disease today Americans have a decision to make in the upcoming election at the end of the year. Joe Biden – although similar to Trump in ways, is certainly not as dangerous. Trump appears to disconnect his words from the impact it can have on a fearful society.

The coming months will be very important for Americans to either continue on the path of outlandish Trumpism in an age where international isolation is creating more conflict and boundaries whereas mutual agreements and cooperation in tackling such an unprecedented phenomenon such as COVID19 is a more plausible policy. 

Ultimately Trump is proving time and time again to be unreliable, dangerous and ‘sarcastic’ in times of global crisis. Traits that a president of the United States ought not to have. 

Finally, if you are considering how to protect yourself against COVID19, visit the the World Health Organisation Website here. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has be very clear on how not to fight the virus:

“If you’re drinking ‘Miracle’ or ‘Master’ Mineral Solution [products promoted by Mark Grenon] or other sodium chlorite products, stop now,” 

Trump has promoted hydroxychlorquine a numerous occasions with no scientific evidence.

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