Fear Mongering Fox News and the NEW WAY FORWARD ACT.

Fox News has historically been at the heart of right wing propaganda, disseminating  misinformation and cheerleading for conservative policies and Presidents. President Trump and his alignment with far right figures and verbal support of highly radical groups has rejuvenated racism and anti immigration champions around the US and even Europe.  As expected, Fox News has aptly fell into line and pushed for influence as the build up to the next election begins. 

In 2002 there was an attempt by the right in the US to manufacture consent in the general population and in Washington for the illegal invasion of Iraq after 9/11. Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, admitted thats its organisation failed in conducting objective journalism. In an interview some years after he stated Fox News and his media outlets tried to change opinion on Iraq. Hence, why should anybody searching for truth in current affairs trust this organisation?

On December 10, 2019 a number of leading democrats introduced a bill called the NEW WAY FORWARD ACT. It didn’t take long for the rights media machine to kick into action. According to Tucker Carlson the bill is “what maybe the single most extreme and disruptive piece of legislation ever to gain widespread support in the history of congress in the history of the country.” Furthermore Carlson goes on to to say that the the bill claims – verbatim that “convictions should not lead to deportation.” Yet, this was not claimed verbatim anywhere in the bill. You can read the bill for yourself here

On further exploration of the bill it is clear that is seeks to protect the immigrants who would have very little power to protect themselves and dismantle the private power and ownership among detention centres. Additionally, the NEW WAY FORWARD bill would provide a much more fair process legally for immigrants by restoring the Judicial Discretion and ensuring due process without unfair dismissal. It offers a legal pathway to “those previously ordered removed or deported to apply to return to their homes and families in the United States if they can show they would not have been not removable or would have been eligible for relief had this Act been in place.” 

The NEW WAY FORWARD bill seeks to secure the full human rights of all members of diverse American communities, a new way forward for immigrant justice – one that ends senseless divisions of “good versus bad” immigrants and recognises that all communities deserve dignity, restoration and repair, not further criminalisation.

Therefore, the basis around the right and far right fear-mongering is based on the race and background. A fear that white Americans or poor/working class Americans will lose out out on social welfare and benefits to people who are not like them. A fear they will lose out to people less deserving of the American dream than themselves. The right has weaponised this theory which Fox News has been the key cheerleader of as can be seen with reports by Tucker Carlson. The audience of Fox News are much more likely to accept that immigrants, refugees and other minority groups are at fault or that their loss is based in the same world view of Fox News and Tucker Carlson. 

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