Dodge, Distract and Anger: Dealing with Trump supporters.

I am writing this article, to explain my experience of dealing with Trump supporters and their tactics, consciously or subconsciously, avoiding, dodging or simply getting angry when asked very basic questions regarding the US president.

In my opinion many people are afraid to come out as Trump supporters. Trump and his administration are clearly a racist, xenophobic, sexist, anti-LGBT and radically religious. Trump has cut taxes for the wealthiest in the country and has empowered white nationalist groups across the country. So it’s not too difficult to see why some people are slow too makes this obvious. Others, however, are very proud and loud supporters of Trump, which is fine too but makes the “closet” supporters less credible in my opinion.

The reason they are less credible is because when people tell me Trump is an entertaining character, he doesn’t effect them directly no matter he does or says or that all presidents before him were similar is very dangerous.

There has been a rise in the far right in recent years leading to a global convergence. This includes the rise of Trump in the US, The United Kingdom Leaving the EU and Marine Le Pen in France all promoting and normalising hate against disadvantaged/ minority groups.

Furthermore, Trump and his administration has pulled out of the Paris agreement.

As of February 2019, 194 states and the European Union have signed the Agreement. 186 states and the EU, representing more than 87% of global greenhouse gas emissions, had ratified or acceded to the Agreement, including China, the United States and India, the countries with three of the four largest Emissions. The is largest folly on behalf on the administration; unforgivable as the decision is contradictory to almost all respected science.

Yes, Trump supporters will exaggerate the number of scientists refuting humans contribution to climate change. “Ireland’s footprint is so small, how can anything I do effect the climate?” is sometimes asked. Or “We are all going to die anyway” was another mind boggling response I have experienced. What about the generations to come – or if we put ourselves in the shoes of our our grandchildren for example, would we feel betrayed? I know how I would feel.

Then there are people who believe that “God” has a plan for us so why do we need to worry about our actions effecting climate change? I would ask – did God have a plan for the 11,310 deaths from Ebola between 2014 and 2016? Did God have a plan for the thousands of Irish who died in the famine? Did he have a plan for mass slaughter of Jews before World War 2? In certain circumstances terrible disease, ideology and calamity will develop and it is down to us fight them with science, logic and strategy. Leaving things up to the Gods will will result in non-action and disaster will ensue.

Trump supporters often dodge any direct questions which are clear and concise regarding his history. Payoffs, Tax returns, impeachment are all worthy question for the sitting president but changing subject often immediately or deciding to bash a democrat whether Biden or Clinton or anybody in the news in recent times seems to be to go-to. Yes, both of these democrats, it could be argued, are vicious politicians and not good for the vast majority of the populations in the US but the simple questions about Trump generally have nothing to do with them!

So if Trump supporters – public or “closet” are supporting him then they should be prepared to answer direct questions about him. Avoiding questions and getting angry and fair and logical questions are becoming the norm in Trump’s America. Running around in incoherent circles and jumping from topic to topic and ranting about Trump’s opposition and its failures reminds me of conspiracy theorist’s claiming that 9/11 attacks were carried out by the US Government.

“A lie told a thousand times becomes a truth” is a saying which could be applied to how Trump manages his politics in Washington and rallies support. In turn, his supporters grasp anything his administration says and runs with it. Once the lie is debunked through logic, science and reasoning, they jump to another lie and exhaust that as much as they can. The cycle continues and what concludes is a dodging, distracting and angry Trump supporter.

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2 thoughts on “Dodge, Distract and Anger: Dealing with Trump supporters.

  1. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Leaving it up to some fictional god is a recipe for disaster. I wonder why they did not leave the emigration problem up to god instead of ludicrously trying to build a wall. Extremely hypocritical. They pick what they leave up to god and what they take action over!


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