USA and Iran; the brink of war?

In the years and months leading up to 9/11 there were some knowledge in the C.I.A, F.B.I and C.T.C that Al Qaeda were planning some major attacks. Even before 9/11 the USA was a target for some.

In 1993 the world trade centre was attacked by a number of men in retaliation for US support of Israel and its actions against muslims. Some demands by the instigators included: an end to all US aid to Israel, an end to US diplomatic relations with Israel, and a pledge by the United States to end interference “with any of the Middle East countries’ interior affairs.”

In 1996 Osama Bin Laden declared war on the US for its presence in Islam’s most holy sites in the Arab peninsula. This related to the 1990 gulf war with Iraq as well as the occupation and support of Israel in its quest for Palestinian domination.

In 2000 a suicide attack on the U.S.S Cole in the Yemen Peninsula was executed by Al Qaeda killing many Americans and injuring more. Osama Bin Laden became the figure head of the group and most wanted man in America. George Bush asked after 9/11 “why do they hate us?” The answer was obvious.

Yet, the Trump administration along with others are escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf which has the possibility of leading to even more foreign troops in a land so familiar to conflict.

Yesterday an American drone was shot down as it crossed into Iranian airspace. As a result Trump stated, “Iran made a very big mistake!” Iran’s foreign minister responded, “We warn against any violation of Iran’s airspace by foreign flying objects and declare that violators are responsible for the consequences of their actions.” This was after last weeks notable event where the Americans claimed an Iranian limpet mine damaged a Japanese tanker in Strait of Hormuz.

But what would be the long term consequences of a war with Iran? More anti-western sentiment would surely be a result. More death to innocent Iranians and young American soldiers. More instability to the region and to the global oil market are all real concerns.

When it comes to the region of the middle east and further east, it seems many seem to forget about how unwelcome such occupations have been. As silly as it may sound many people in these regions do not consent or support to a western occupation or bombing which has no basis in Iranian wishes or needs. The US was involved in the Iran-Iraq war supporting both sides at different times in the 1980s. Notably, the Iran contra deal was significant as the US sold weapons to Iran while under an arms embargo. The 1991 Iraq war was concerned with oil in the region and of course the 2003 Iraq war is still seeing the devastating consequences today.

If the US and its allies were to eventually go to war against Iran it would be disgraceful considering how much of a bad influence its policy has brought to the region over the last number of decades.


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