James Fahey is an Irish writer who focuses on Current Affairs and International Politics. He holds a BA in Social and Community Studies from Institute of Technology Carlow and a MA in Media and International Conflict from University College Dublin.

With over six years professional experience James has worked in Public Relations, Marketing, Communications and Business Development in Ireland, The United States and Kenya. He has worked with NGOs and volunteered in a number of different organisations including Oxfam Ireland, Fairtrade Carlow, Islamic Relief, Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART Kenya) and The British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG).

He cites his main influences as Steve Coll, Juan Cole, Robert Fisk, Medhi Hasan, Noam Chomsky among others.

The website seeks to look at current affairs from a critical perspective. Analysis is provided from a left leaning point of view which tries to unpack topical issues. Many publications focus on the United States under the Trump Administration. Other areas of focus include post 9/11 geopolitics in the Middle East and Asia, development issues and terrorism in the twenty first century.

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